Hints & Tips

Starting Point - not an MKAL any more!

Jun 19th

There are a lot of feelings among the Yarn Culture team about the Starting Point MKAL now that we are nearing the end.  For the most part, Dawn and I have enjoyed seeing the clues unfold and have had a playful competition to keep us on track. However, I wasn’t able to knit at all while we were at TNNA so I’m definitely behind. I used this past Sunday to regroup and dive back in.  For reasons she can’t explain, Dawn wrestled way more with the lace in Clue 4 than she...

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Starting Point MKAL - CLue 4: Lace Chart Tip

Jun 7th

If you're working on the Starting Point MKAL, you know Clue 4 arrived last Friday as scheduled.  This clue includes a simple lace pattern based on an earler clue.  Joji has included a chart along with the written instructions for this section.  If you are new to charts please note my tip below:   CHART TIP:  If you use the charts, notice that the first 4 stitches and the last 4 stitches of the odd numbered rows (RS) are not included in the chart....

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Joji Mystery Wrap - Clue 1 is done!

May 24th

The Starting Point MKAL is all we're talking about at Yarn Culture. It turns out that this is the first project everyone on our sales team is knitting. We waited eagerly for the first clue; wondered what the shape would be and freaked out when we realized we had to make two pieces. Sound familiar? The big conversation, though, has been about the colors we selected. Looking for five colors is one thing, but seeing how they work together in the designated color order is another....

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Getting Ready for the Starting Point MKAL

May 9th

We're getting ready and excited for Joji Locatelli's MKAL starting this Friday, May 12, 2017 and hope you are too!   I've (Patti) never done a MKAL before so I'm eager to give this one a try. I love Joji's aesthetic and she's taken the scariest part of the mystery away by providing insight into the basic stole structure (rectangle) and the techniques we can expect to use (a bit of simple lace; a lot of garter stitch). I'm imagining a...

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The Photographer Hat

Dec 2nd

With the Holiday season upon us, I've been focused on quick, practical knits that are great gifts.  When I spied  The Photographer Hat by Lavanya Patricella on the Ravelry Top 25, I knew it would be a great choice.  A worsted weight knit with a modern silhouette makes this hat a perfect choice for nearly anyone on your gift list.  And I wasn't kidding when I said it was a quick knit.  I cast on Monday night and finished up Thursday afternoon - with a full time...

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