Our Story

Like every ambitious Girl Scout in my troop, I started knitting to add another badge to my sash. Knitting came quickly and easily for me. After earning the coveted badge, it was an activity that helped car rides pass quickly and waiting go faster. But at some point - I don’t remember when - I laid down my needles and moved on to other activities.

Fast forward to a business trip in November 2002. I found myself searching yet another airport kiosk when the new issue of Real Simple magazine caught my eye. To this day, I remember the knitted Watch Cap pattern that was featured in that issue. A quick trip to my local yarn shop to buy basic supplies and I was in business. I think I made five or six of those Watch Caps in the three weeks before Christmas. That was the beginning of a new hobby and a passion for finding and collecting yarn.

The next thing I knew it was 2009 and I had lived in Germany for two years with two more to go. I traveled whenever I could and searched out interesting yarn at most stops. I loved almost everything about my life in Europe and I also knew it wasn’t going to last. I challenged myself to find my passion so when I returned to the US I could create my next dream.

Yarn Culture is that dream, and is founded on my love of yarn, travel and a sense of community. I’m happy to say my husband has joined me full-time and we’ve been able to engage a small group of people who are committed to help make our vision a reality. That vision is to build our Yarn Culture: a community of fiber enthusiasts who are excited about creating with unique and hard-to-find yarn from around the corner and around the world. 

We can’t wait to see where this vision takes us and we hope you’ll continue to join us as we start our new adventure!

Patti and Mitch