Health Policies and Guidance for Yarn Culture Travelers

We always hope that everyone will stay healthy on our trips, however it can happen that someone contracts a virus that not only makes them feel poorly but may also be contagious to fellow travelers.  With this in mind, we count on travelers to take responsibility for their own health.

Prior to joining a Yarn Culture trip, we encourage travelers to receive and be current with all CDC recommended vaccinations/boosters including influenza, Covid, etc.  Should a traveler choose to travel when positive or symptomatic with COVID-19 or any other virus, they will be required to wear a mask indoors and in vehicles, and to dine separately from the group.

All travelers should carry a mask, as local regulations or vendors may require them in certain settings.  In addition, we ask that travelers who are concerned about potentially contracting an illness be proactive and protect themselves by masking and/or limiting participation in group activities that cause them concern.

Yarn Culture will not offer refunds or expense reimbursement to those unable or who choose not to take part in group activities, including meals. We strongly suggest all travelers purchase sufficient trip/health insurance in the event a physician recommends you discontinue travel or not join a trip due to COVID-19 or other illnesses.