Colors of Croatia

Mar 8th

Last Spring, Mitch and I took a trip to Croatia at the end of our annual buying trip to Europe.  It was a trip filled with culture, history, good food and wine and wonderful people. It was also the perfect backdrop for our first themed collection - Colors of Croatia.

We invited six hand-dyers from Europe, the UK, Canada and the US to select an image from our photographs that inspired them and to share their interpretation of that image using yarn as the medium.  The results were stunning!

The Colors of Croatia Collection was launched at Stitches West last week and we sold nearly every skein we brought. Because of the high demand for the collection, we are offering the collection online.  We're taking pre-orders on-line for the colors that sold out.  Find the Collection here and order or reserve your favorites now.

Colour Flare by Crave Yarn

"The life experiences of Croatian culture are often translated into various art forms including dance and costumes. The shared colours of these dresses capture the dynamic energy and joy of the dancing and feel so cohesive and communal." -Amor Valdez

Voda, by Seven Sisters Arts

"Living on the coast of Maine is a source of constant inspiration, I was drawn to this image of shallow water where there was an interplay of muted colors between the water and the rocks. Nature always gets it right." - Karen Grover

Coast of Croatia by Primrose Yarn Co.

"It’s easy to be captured by the beautiful blues and teals of the Adriatic. For me, though, the real beauty is where the warm browns and greys of the rocky coast melt into the ocean." —Kelsey Stephens

Bevandalism by Indigodragonfly

“My favourite moments when traveling have become those times of day when you stop. When you share a table with family and friends and sample the food and drink of the place you’re visiting. As important as the smells and tastes, are the colours that are spread across the table. Sipping wine of the region while building memories. Does it get any better than that?" —Kim McBrien

Colors of Croatia by walkcollection

"I often find Inspiration for colorways in nature. This lichen and algae covered rock from the Croatian coastline is a perfect example of the beautiful variegation in nature if we pause and take a look." —Cathrin Walk

Adriatic by The Uncommon Thread

"Seeing that photo of the sea made me imagine myself paddling in those waters, or jumping in for a refreshing swim on a hot day. That was the inspiration behind the colourway: the cool, clear water of the Adriatic Sea." —Ce Persiano

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