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Curls 2

More About: Hunter Hammersen
  • Pattern Brand Pantsville Press
  • Pattern Designer Hunter Hammersen
  • Style Shawl
  • Category Women
  • Size Adult (multiple sizes)
  • Size and Yarn Suggestions

    ​The wonderful thing about this book is that the patterns are perfect for any weight yarn.  


  • Weight Fingering (7.0 st/in)
  • Skill Level Intermediate

Product Description

Just when I've fallen in love with Curls by Hunter Hammersen, Curls 2 is on it's way. We're delighted to offer both. Curls 2 adds another 14 fantastic patterns that are marvelously flexible, wearable wraps that work with any weight of yarn, can be knit at any gauge, and look beautiful at any size. Knit them small and wear them as a cowl. Keep going to make a scarf. Do a bit more, and you’ve got a shawl. They form a wonderfully curved shape that drapes beautifully around your neck and shoulders and can be worn in lots of different ways. We're in love!

About the artisan

Hunter Hammersen

​I have somehow found myself in the marvelous position of getting to write and publish knitting books for a living. I’m not quite sure how I got to be so lucky, but I’m having great fun!

My books include CurlsThe Knitter’s Curiosity Cabinet series (Volume IVolume II, and Volume III), Ne’er-Do-Well KnitsRabble Rousers, and Silk Road Socks. I’ve also got lots of individua lpatterns to tickle your fancy!


Recommended Yarn