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Maryland Dyer

In Alice’s own words:

“​I’ve always been a maker. A serious dyed in the wool, hot glue burns on my fingertips, glitter in my eyebrows maker. So when I first thought about dyeing yarn, it was in the context of making stuff to support my knitting habit. I fired up my first dye pot and wow, was it not what I expected. True to form, I did no research. I just blasted ahead (which is why I usually end up with five holes in the wall for every one picture I hang up). It was way too light and way too dark and way too not what I expected. But, also true to form, I kept trying. I threw a few more skeins in the pot. I read a few (okay a lot, I work at a library) of books about dyeing and yarn and how the two work together. I joined Ravelry groups and marveled at everyone else’s perfect skeins. I started stalking hand-dyers on Instagram and Etsy. And then slowly I started getting more predictable results. More repeatable colorways. And it turns out I loved playing with color as much as I loved playing with yarn. And that’s how Backyard Fiberworks began.”


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