Join us as we Celebrate Chapter Four of Åsa Tricosa’s

10-Year Jubilæum

Smitten knitters the world over have delighted in Åsa's Ziggurat sweaters and shawls with the releases of Chapters One, Two and Three. Celebration Kits were lovingly assembled and graciously received. With three chapters behind us and six gorgeous new patterns, it’s time we seek to light the darkness and find warmth as we prepare for the Winter season and a New Chapter. 


Chapter Four of Åsa Tricosa's Jubilæum Collection eBook brings us two swoon-worthy new patterns - The Double Act Poncho and Jubilæum Tric Sweater. Let’s get cozy and raise our needles to create these two warm and wintery delights! Go back and forth between sections of Double Act, a universally flattering, drapey poncho where one section can be mindlessly knit while the other requires a bit more focus. Åsa delivers another treat in her fourth chapter with an update to one of her earliest Ziggurats patterns, Tric, an A-line cardigan with strong but simple lines. Let Åsa’s step by step instructions and photo tutorials guide us from cast on to bind off. 

What is the program?

During the next year, Åsa will release The Jubilæum Collection in 5 Chapters: each chapter including one Ziggurat Sweater pattern and one accessory pattern – usually a shawl or similar garment. Yarn Culture will feature two exclusive kits for each Chapter, complete with hand-selected yarns and bespoke tools and notions. Read more here.

What do the kits include?

All Celebration Kits will include:
  • ○ A yarn selected in collaboration with Åsa to complement the design
  • ○ 3-6 color options depending on the garment
  • ○ 1-2 handy tutorial postcards with hints, tips or tutorials appropriate for the pattern
  • ○ Additional goodies to add to the fun and usefulness of the kit

What's available now?

Chapter 4 Celebration Kits are available now. Choose Jubilæum Tric (sweater) or Double Act (poncho). Better yet – treat yourself and get both! The Jubilæum Collection eBook is only available on Ravelry. Each individual pattern can be added to your kit when you order. Move quick as kits are limited!
Åsa Tricosa Pattern eBook
The Jubilæum Collection

You will delight in every detailed step as you knit Åsa’s Chapter Four Second Act Poncho and Jubilæum Tric Sweater designs. The clearly laid out step-by-step instructions of The Jubilæum Collection will have you knitting through a swath of options to curate your own collection of timeless, handknit pieces for your wardrobe. You will undoubtedly return to the patterns in this eBook to experiment with new yarns and options for necklines, sleeves and more.

Celebrating 10 Glorious Years

Chapter Four of Åsa Tricosa's The Jubilæum Collection eBook IS HERE. Sink your hands into these next two highly anticipated patterns in Åsa's The Jubilæum Collection. The gorgeous texture and sheen of The Fibre Co. Cumbria Fingering yarn and the spectacular speckling and feel of Spun Right Round’s Squish DK in these next curated Jubilæum Celebration Kits from Yarn Culture.

OUR Celebration Kits include:

. A yarn selected in collaboration with Åsa to complement the design
. 3-6 color options depending on the garment 
. 1-2 handy tutorial postcards with hints, tips or tutorials appropriate for the pattern
Additional goodies to add to the fun and usefulness of the kit
. The option to add the individual garment pattern to your kit

Chapter 4

Yarn Culture Celebration Kits

Yarn Culture and Åsa Tricosa have curated fun, celebratory kits to accompany each and every chapter drop of Åsa’s Jubilæum Collection eBook. Chapter Four's Celebration Kit for the Double Act Poncho comes with your choice of Cumbria Fingering yarn from The Fibre Co, which made with 90% Masham wool and 10% mohair, lends itself to spectacular colorwork which Åsa further enhances with both the mosaic and simple mistake rib stitches featured in the pattern. For Jubilæum Tric, Åsa selected Spun Right Round’s Squish DK - a plump, squishy DK yarn Åsa fell in love with almost at first sight. With the amazing selection of both semi-solids and speckles available in the Spun Right Round palette, we have curated color combinations for our Celebration Kits that are as wearable as they are fun. Options and goodies abound; your Celebration Kits will arrive on your doorstep complete with everything you will need to turn these swoon-worthy yarns into prized wardrobe staples.

The Double Act Poncho Jubilæum Celebration Kit

We are over the moon for Åsa Tricosa’s brand-new design for Chapter Four. We love how Åsa pivoted with this next chapter of her eBook to create the Double Act Poncho, based on a design she knit on a whim for her mother many years ago. Double Act revisits the design beloved by her mother, but with the refined details and polished finishes that have become celebrated trademarks of Åsa’s patterns. Double Act comes together with two joined rectangles – one with a mosaic pattern, the other with a simple mistake rib. The mosaic pattern requires some concentration while the rib lets you mindlessly knit. Cast on for both and alternate between the two sections - one for when you want to get lost in your latest binge-worthy podcast or show and the other for when you feel like fully engaging in the rhythm of the stitches. The two completed rectangles are joined with 3-needle bind offs using live and picked up stitches, and as always, when Åsa is at the helm, there are OPTIONS. Follow the neckline as written or create a rib collar for a more warming fit around the neck. The choice is yours and you are soon to be draped in the elegance and warmth of yet another divine Åsa Tricosa me-made knit.

The Jubilæum Tric Celebration Kit

Are you ready to dig into the next Ziggurat pattern Åsa has dreamed up? This Jubilæum update for Jubilæum Tric takes something that was already good and makes it grand. Clean, yet unexpected lines flow from shoulder to hip with eye-catching shoulder details in an A-line fit that is sure to flatter.  In this new iteration of Jubilæum Tric, Åsa has widened the front bands, eliminated the single buttonhole and embellished the bands, collar and cuffs with a contrasting color. Jubilæum’s Tric is somewhat cropped when compared to the original, giving it a bit more swing and modern feel. Three sleek columns of ribbing on the back and narrowed cuffs finished with a sideways rib are just a couple of the thoughtful design details indicative of the Åsa Tricosa patterns we know and love. 


Plump and squishy, Spun Right Round’s Squish DK is the perfect yarn for creating a cozy cardigan you’ll want to wear on the regular. With the amazing selection of both semi-solids and speckles available in the Spun Right Round palette, Åsa has paired Reaper’s Rags, a charcoal grey semisolid, with Quake – a lovely, speckled hand-dyed yarn that combines the lightest to darkest of greys with coppers, browns and hints of gold.  We’ve created 4 additional combinations we know you’ll love. 

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Åsa Tricosa’s 10-Year Jubilæum