Join us as we Celebrate Chapter Three of Åsa Tricosa’s
10-Year Jubilæum

Smitten knitters the world over have delighted in Åsa's Ziggurat sweaters and shawls with the releases of Chapters One and Two. Celebration Kits were lovingly assembled and graciously received. Two chapters, four gorgeous new patterns, and now, as the summer months wane we look curiously ahead toward a new season and a New Chapter. As the air cools and the leaves begin to crisp, we will walk into Autumn draped in our new me-made knits. 


Chapter Three of Åsa Tricosa's Jubilæum Collection eBook brings us two outstanding new pieces. This third round of gorgeous Åsa Tricosa creations brings us a brand-new tee-style sweater in Åsa's beloved Ziggurat method and a Shawl that is dripping with mystique. 

What is the program?

During the next year, Åsa will release The Jubilæum Collection in 5 Chapters: each chapter including one Ziggurat Sweater pattern and one accessory pattern – usually a shawl or similar garment. Yarn Culture will feature two exclusive kits for each Chapter, complete with hand-selected yarns and bespoke tools and notions. Read more here.

What do the kits include?

All Celebration Kits will include:
  • ○ A yarn selected in collaboration with Åsa to complement the design
  • ○ 3-6 color options depending on the garment
  • ○ 1-2 handy tutorial postcards with hints, tips or tutorials appropriate for the pattern
  • ○ Additional goodies to add to the fun and usefulness of the kit

What's available now?

Chapter Three Celebration Kits are available now. Choose Repartee (sweater) or Mysteriosa (shawl). Better yet – treat yourself and get both! The Jubilæum Collection eBook is only available on Ravelry. Each individual pattern can be added to your kit when you order. Move quick as kits are limited!
Åsa Tricosa Pattern eBook
The Jubilæum Collection

You will delight in every detailed step as you knit Åsa’s Chapter Three designs with abandon. The clearly laid out step-by-step instructions of The Jubilæum Collection will have you knitting through a swath of options to curate your own collection of timeless, handmade pieces for your wardrobe. You will undoubtedly return to the patterns in this eBook to experiment with new yarns and options for necklines, sleeves and more. Find yours here.

Celebrating 10 Glorious Years

Chapter Three of Åsa Tricosa's The Jubilæum Collection IS HERE. Wrap yourself in the elegance and femininity of these ethereally soft and lightweight knit creations as the Spring dusk stretches into long summer evenings. You MUST sink your hands into this next highly anticipated duo of patterns in Åsa's The Jubilæum Collection and experience their gorgeously curated Celebration Kits from Yarn Culture. 

All Celebration Kits will include:

. A yarn selected in collaboration with Åsa to complement the design 
3-6 color options depending on the garment 
1-2 handy tutorial postcards with hints, tips or tutorials appropriate for the pattern 
Additional goodies to add to the fun and usefulness of the kit
The option to add the individual garment pattern to your kit

Chapter 3

Yarn Culture Celebration Kits

Yarn Culture and Åsa Tricosa have curated fun, celebratory kits to accompany each and every chapter of Åsa’s Jubilæum Collection. Chapter Three's Celebration Kits come with a dreamy selection of yarn from Crave Yarn including the brand-new line - POGO for the Mysteriosa Shawl and CARAVAN for Repartee. Repartee and the Mysteriosa kits’ color options range from colorful to clean lined and conservative. Layers, options, goodies; your Celebration Kits will arrive on your doorstep complete with everything you will need to turn these swoon-worthy yarns into prized wardrobe staples.

Repartee Ziggurat Jubilæum Celebration Kit

We are over the moon for Åsa’s Tricosa’s brand-new sweater design for Chapter Three. Repartee is a new, casual tee-style top which can be worn on its own or as a layering piece over a long-sleeved t-shirt or shirt. Incorporating broad stripes, Repartee allows the knitter to play with color. 2 colors? 3 colors? You make the call! Knit up in Caravan by Crave Yarn – this is our *go to* yarn for any sport-weight project that benefits from a fabric that feels soft on your skin, has beautiful drape but holds up to the regular wear your favorite garments receive.  A pleasure to wear AND a pleasure to knit – this yarn will undoubtedly become a lifelong favorite. A fresh take on the Ziggurat in your choice of stunningly soft yarn with all the goodies and notions to make this sweater uniquely yours. 

Mysteriosa Shawl Jubilæum Celebration Kit

Mysteriosa... we’ll tell you what it isn't. It is not a triangular shawl, nor is it knit sideways. Neither is it a lace shawl, although it contains holes. There is no stranded colorwork but contrasting color accents do appear. You will also find that it is not small, and it is not plain. Rather, Mysteriosa is generous, textured, and inviting. Considered one of her best designs to date, Åsa left the Mystery Knit-a-long design unchanged for The Jubilæum Collection since it’s conception seven years ago. It’s crescent shaped, whimsical, organic design will have every one of its knitters learning and honing several knitting and finishing techniques as you flow from one element to the next. Find your colors in POGO by Crave along with notions and resplendent goodies to keep this party going well into the Fall. 

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Åsa Tricosa’s 10-Year Jubilæum