Yarn Culture Favorites - Melanie Berg

Weight: 300.00 Grams
Height: 11.00 Inches
Width: 8.50 Inches
Stock: 2
Designer: Melanie Berg
Style: Shawl/Wrap

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Melanie Berg was one of the first designers with whom I hoped we would collaborate. Her patterns caught my eye almost a year before we opened in November 2013. A knitwear designer from Bonn, Germany, Melanie’s clean aesthetic and modern, wearable garments are part of her unique design signature and what I love most about her work.

We were lucky enough to meet in Cologne, Germany in 2014 and seemed to connect right away. I became resolved to do whatever I could to make American knitters aware of Melanie’s designs. Of course, in the past two years, Melanie’s talent has been recognized and her patterns have become quite popular with very little help from us.

But with that said, she has collaborated with us in ways that have been important to Yarn Culture. She connected us with Rosy Green Wool and together they allowed us to be the
very first store in the world to launch Melanie’s best selling pattern, Drachenfels. With her permission, we print and sell hard copies of her patterns in our shop, online and at the many events and festivals we attend. And when she planned her very first teaching trip to the United States, she included us as her debut East Coast venue. We are honored to host her and grateful for every opportunity to work together.

We hope you enjoy our collection of Melanie’s recent patterns as much as we do. Since
we are regularly asked to recommend yarns from our assortment, you’ll see we’ve offered suggestions, even when the original yarn is part of our current assortment. We encourage you to experiment with your yarn choice and with color combinations to reflect your own artistry to truly Make it Yours!


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