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Kettle Yarn Co - Islington

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Selected Color: Blighty ( in stock)

Selected Color: Creamsicle ( in stock)

Selected Color: Icicle ( in stock)

Selected Color: Lheure Bleue ( in stock)

Selected Color: Lt Squirrley ( in stock)

Selected Color: Neckinger Green ( in stock)

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  • Fiber Types Bluefaced Leicester, Silk
  • Yarn Weight Fingering (7 st/in)
  • Gauge 28-32 sts = 4" Stockinette
  • Yardage 400m (437yds)
  • Skein 100g
  • Washing Instructions Hand wash cool; lay flat to dry.

Product Description

​Well-bred but streetwise, this lightweight blend yarn is versatile and strong while maintaining buttery softness – a sophisticated choice for everyday items, luxurious next-to-skin wear and precious accessories.  As soft as Merino, the blend’s 100% British superwash Bluefaced Leicester tempers silk’s drape while adding strength and elasticity. The high percentage of BFL makes items hardwearing, very low pilling and long lasting. The addition of 45% silk combines sophisticated sheen and luxurious handle with crispness and uniformity for stunning stitch definition.

As with all hand dyed yarns, each colour batch is unique as I kettle dye in small amounts. No two skeins will be identical and there will be natural variation even within hanks of the same batch, so alternating skeins is recommended throughout a project or – if the skeins look very close in colour, for the final few rows of a skein – to blend skein colours more gently and not get harsh colour changes at the join. Please try to ensure that you buy enough for your project as it is impossible to recreate a batch exactly once it has sold.

Though every effort is made to exhaust the dye during the dyeing process, if you are intending on using one of the darker/more saturated hues with a pale colour please give it a soak first to be TOTALLY safe to avoid any bleed.  Due to their chemical compositions some colours will naturally release dye for a few washes, even when completely colourfast, so please wash and test your swatches before starting a colourwork or striped project to avoid disappointment.