Pascuali Collezioni Kids | Book 1

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by Pascuali

In this collection, you will find garments for babies and young children. The designs are special because they are all seamless and are knitted using very high quality yarns: Sole which is a blend of 90 percent cotton and 10 percent cashmere, and 100 percent organically certified Cashmere.  There are 13 models to choose from: Anuk, Bene, Yma, Nita, Zuni, Jacy, Lino, Tawa, Kowi, Milo, Lula, Mato, and Nola

The patterns include the following four baby sizes: 50/56; 62/68; 74/80; 86; 92 and the following 3 children sizes: 98; 104; 110. The baby sizes correspond to 50-56 [58-68; 70-80; 82-86; 88-92] cm height, the children sizes correspond to 94-98 [100-104; 106-110] cm height. The exact dimensions of each model can be found in the corresponding pattern. All patterns are available in English and German. 

Because we are environmentally friendly, we have decided to reduce paper waste. All of the patterns are available as PDF downloads using the scratch-off code found in the magazine which you can use on or on at no additional cost. 


  • Hardcopy Lookbook: this includes images and information for all 13 designs.
  • Ebook: a download code is provided in the lookbook for the entire Kids Book 1 collection.