Needle Set - Jubilæum Chapter 1 Edition

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ChiaoGoo bamboo interchangeable needles are one of Åsa’s favorites.  The SPIN cables are long and pliable  - perfect for looping and “Ziggurating” through the yoke construction. The hand-crafted, patina tips are made of Moso bamboo and are warm and quiet while knitting.

We’ve created a needle set that is perfect for the knitter who wants to have exactly what Åsa recommends for the project. Plus we've added a couple if accessories we think are helpful based on our own Ziggurating experience.  The set includes the needle sizes and cable lengths Åsa specifies for the Simple Ziggurat Jubilæum Edition. While we know Åsa prefers bamboo needles, we know there are plenty of knitters who prefer metal, so we're giving you the choice to go with either. 

Your Needle Set Includes:
    • Choice of Bamboo or Surgical Stainless Steel Tips
    • 2 Spin Cables – 30” (measures 40”/100cm with 5” tips attached) - SPIN cables allow your tips to swivel freely!  They are made of a pliable, clear nylon. This 30″ (75 cm) length will make a 40″ (100 cm) circular when 5″ (13 cm) tips are attached. Lifeline holes can be found at each end of these cables. Insert the T-shaped tightening key into the lifeline hole to assist with securing your tip/cable connection.The second cable will be at the ready when it's time to add your lined hems for your sweater.
    • 1 set each:
        • US5 Needle Tips (5" ea.)
        • US4 Needle Tips (5" ea.)
        • US3 Needle Tips (5" ea.)
    • 1 Cable Connector- “Tic tac” sized pieces allow you to join two or more cables together and try on your garment as you go.
    • 1 pair ChiaoGoo End Stoppers - white rectangular-shaped resin pieces screw into your cable ends to hold a current project while using the tips for another project.

This set also includes the correct size needle for the Abraxas Vertex I and the Abraxas Crescent. However if you only order the Shawl Kit you may prefer to purchase your needles individually.

PLEASE NOTE:  This set is NOT required to knit the Kit Garments.  It is an ADD-ON.  If you DO order this item when you order your kit, it will ship at the same time as the kit (April 16, 2021)