Melanie Berg's "Shawls" Book Set (Special Price)

Weight: 1,550.00 Grams
Height: 16.00 Inches
Width: 11.00 Inches
Depth: 1.00 Inches
Stock: 0
Designer: Melanie Berg
Product: Book Set
Subject: Shawls

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Limited Time Offer!

Congratulations to Melanie Berg for the Anniversary of her two Shawls Books!  

Today through October 9th, we are offering both books ($60 value) for the special price of $36, to celebrate this very special anniversary with Melanie. 

Enjoy this two book collection including 27 shawl patterns by Melanie Berg. In her first book, Shawls - Knit in Style, Melanie showcases the breadth of her design talent and includes a range of techniques including lace, mosaic, cables, intarsia and German short rows.  The fun continues in her second book, Colorwork Shawlswhere she features fascinating stitch patterns, surprising color combinations, gradients and speckles.

Both books are bilingual with instructions in BOTH English and German.  

IMPORTANT NOTE: The books will ship together in a special book package via media mail.  Please note that this special MAY NOT be combined with other purchases.  If you place an order that includes any other items, your entire order will be cancelled.  We understand this is inconvenient and encourage you to place your order as directed to avoid this situation.