Jubilæum - Amuse Bouche Minikins

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Crave Yarn Minikins
Jubilæum Edition with Åsa Tricosa

Amuse Bouche defn. a single, bite-sized hors d'œuvre

One of the things we love about knitting Åsa’s Ziggurat sweaters are the playful accents – a colorful hem lining, an unexpected hue in a pocket, a contrasting collar. 

These lovely details don’t take much time and they don’t take much yarn – perhaps only 10-15 grams of a lighter weight yarn. 

You may very well have the perfect accent yarn in your stash, but in case you don’t, we've put together three sets of Crave Yarn Minikins.

Your Crave Yarn Minikins Set includes:
  • 3 colors; 80 yd/20g each for total 240yd/60g (100% SW Merino, Fingering-weight Single)
    • Set 1: Magisterium, Quixotic, Stole
    • Set 2: Numa, Spheric, Palm Reader
    • Set 3: Interlude, Atmosphere, Whimsical

We twist the three minis together for delivery; simply unravel your twisted hank and voilà you have your three minikins ready for colorful accenting fun!

Please note: If you DO order this item when you order your kit, it will ship at the same time as the kit (April 16, 2021)