Three Hip Chics!

By patti on December 4, 2013

Tags: Yarn

​I just can’t get over how great the WURM hat looks in Feederbrook Farms Entropy yarn.  I’ve made it in 5 out of our six colors and each one is as good as the next!

You can download the free WURM pattern, designed by Katharina Nopp from  Make this a one skein project using Feederbrook Entropy (260 yds), modify the pattern as follows:  Cast on and knit first 12 rounds as directed.  Switch to larger needles and incrnd: *k10, m1 * repeat. Begin main pattern as directed in original pattern.  Please note that this modification eliminates the doubled brim and creates a rolled edge brim in a single thickness. 

Choose your favorite color here:

Pattern here: 

I dare you to make just one!



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