No Apologies!

October 2, 2014

Do you know someone who's an avid golfer?  I've known several, and I've noticed they share a few characteristics.  Avid golfers spend hours improving their game, improving skills through lessons with pros, time on the driving range, regular t-times with friends.  Avid golfers typically have a club memberships.  They invest in quality equipment and make sure they're current with tools that improve their technique.   They often build golf into their vacations and will travel to play on special courses.  Avid golfers are happy to talk about their passion to anyone who is willing to listen and take pride in their accomplishments.  There is one thing they never do, however.  They don't apologize.  They don't "feel bad".  They don'f feel guilty or awkward about their passion and love for the game.

I just returned from a fantastic weekend in Maine for Amy Herzog Designs Make.Wear.Love retreat.  In spite of the many years I've been knitting, this is the first time I've attended a knitting retreat.  It was a great experience!  I learned new skills, techniques and ways of thinking from "pros".  I spent time practicing techniques and knitting with others.  I admired other knitters' projects and accepted complements about my own.  We swapped stories and experiences.  It was a great investment of time and money in something I'm passionate about - Knitting. You'll be hearing more about what I learned during the next few weeks.  I encourage you to start thinking about and acting on your passion for knitting as we start the Fall knitting season.  Just remember - No Apologies!

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