Gauge Matters

By Patti on February 16, 2014

Tags: Pattern

​I’m making good progress on the modern tunic, having finished the 7 ½ ‘ hem and transitioned to the body section of the back.  A couple points to note:


1)  I ended up going down one needle size for the stockinette section.  My gauge measured 5 sts/in vs. the 5.5 sts/in called for in the pattern.  Over 138 stitches, this is too much to ignore.  I would have added approx. 2.5 inches to both the front and the back for a total of 5 inches in extra circumference.  


2)  Although the body is knit in stockinette, the pattern calls for a 1 stitch selvedge on each side.  As a reminder, this means the first and last stitch on EVERY row should be knit (even on the purl rows).  This should make the seaming easier when it’s time to join the front and the back finished pieces.

I love seeing the Skein DK colorway unfold.  I selected Be Mine, described as having “undertones of green apple, pistachio and myrtle with overtones of deep eggplant and charcoal.”




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