Chiaogoo Interchangeable Needle Set - Wisp Sweater

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Weight: 75.00 Grams
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We’ve created an interchangeable needle set that is perfect for knitting the WISP Raglan. It addition to the needles sizes specified for WISP, this kit includes often used needle sizes and cable lengths used in other patterns.  Purchase this set and save 10% off the price of the needles and cables purchased separately. 

The needle set includes:

    • Choice of Bamboo or Surgical Stainless Steel Tips
    • 3 Spin Cables – SPIN cables allow your tips to swivel freely! They are made of a pliable, clear nylon. Lifeline holes can be found at each end of these cables. 
      • 8" (measures 18" with 5" needle tips attached)
      • 14" (measures 24" with 5" needle tips attached)
      • 22" (measures 32" with 5" needle tips attached)
    • 1 set each:
      • US6 Needle Tips (5" ea.)
      • US8 Needle Tips (5" ea.)
      • US9 Needle Tips (5" ea.)