Starting Point MKAL - CLue 4: Lace Chart Tip

Jun 7th

If you're working on the Starting Point MKAL, you know Clue 4 arrived last Friday as scheduled.  This clue includes a simple lace pattern based on an earler clue.  Joji has included a chart along with the written instructions for this section.  If you are new to charts please note my tip below:  

CHART TIP:  If you use the charts, notice that the first 4 stitches and the last 4 stitches of the odd numbered rows (RS) are not included in the chart.  They are worked exactly as you have been during the course of the pattern.  Check the written instructions if you need a reminder and don't forget to work them.   The three stitches in the center of the shawl (m1l, sm, k1, sm, m1r) are worked AFTER chart A and BEFORE chart B.  They are also not shown on the chart and are worked exactly as you have been working them all along.

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