Reflection By Veera Valimaki

Apr 16th

Those of you who love The Uncommon Thread yarns know that Ce gives a nod to speckles in two of her colorways Confetti and Turbillion.  She's added a third barely-there speckle to her lineup; Spektor.  The base color for Spektor is on the light side of medium grey with gold, red, blue, pink, (did I see a bit of green?).  

I didn't need to see the colorway to know we'd love it at Yarn Culture so Spektor is available in almost every base including Uncommon Everyday, Posh Fingering, Lush Worsted and Everyday Sport.

If the colorway sounds familiar it's because Veera Välimäki designed her Reflection shawl in Spektor using The Uncommon Thread Everyday Sport.  Originally published in Interpretations 5, her beautiful book co-authored with Joji Locatelli, Reflection is now available as a single pattern on Ravelry. 

Using 2 skeins of Everyday Sport, Reflection is a playful shawl where "rough" edges and mirroring stitch patterns alternate creating a somewhat rugged look with an oh-so-soft hand.  In comparison to some of the supersized shawls we've been knitting lately, Reflection is smallish - finishing at 79: wide and 18" at its deepest part. We think this will be perfect to tuck in your bag anticipating cool evenings or over-zealous air conditioning.   

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