Pacificus Launch and Limited Time Discount

May 15th

Laura Nelkin has just launched Pacificus, her new sweater pattern for summer. To celebrate, we are offering 15% OFF The Uncommon Thread’s Linum collection, which Laura used in her version of Pacificus. Just use online coupon code PACIFICUS at check-out. This discount will only be available until 5/22 so don’t delay! Read on for more details about Laura's lacy summer pullover. 

Pacificus uses Linum with Laura Nelkin's Novus construction, and applies it to a simple summer tunic. Using a traditional Shetland Bead Stitch along the top, and reverse stockinette stitch for the body, Pacificus plays with drape. The open lace work allows the bodice to fall beautifully while the body maintains its structure. A turned hem allows and split side seam allow for a tailored finish, and also for some flexibility in the fit of the hips.

Have you seen Laura's Novus Construction? It creates a seamless sweater that is constructed in a simple but unusual way. First the Right Half is worked side to side from the sleeve to the armpit and then stitches are cast on for the front and back. Then the shoulder is worked and the stitches are split for neckline shaping. The front and back are worked at the same time and rejoined to work the left shoulder. Then the front and back stitches are put on holders, and the left sleeve is worked. Finally, the sweater is folded in half, and these two halves are joined together by lace panels that are worked perpendicularly to them. These panels start at the hem and end at the sleeve joining the front and the back of the sweater and sleeve together. A tiny bit crazy, and VERY fun to knit!

Want to see more photos of Pacificus? Click here:

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