Introducing Merino d’Arles by Rosy Green Wool!

Nov 6th

Merino d’Arles is a beautiful new fingering weight yarn  developed by Rosy from Rosy Green Wool in close cooperation with designer Melanie Berg.  For nearly two years, Rosy and Melanie worked to define the characteristics of the yarn.  They carried out many spinning and dyeing tests and developed a very special colour palette together. We are extremely happy to be able to show you the result today: The first GOTS-certified Merino d' Arles wool.

This yarn fills a long time dream of Rosy and Patrick to find a pure European sheep wool, which is not only certified according to GOTS organic standards, but can also be spun into wonderfully soft yarn. This seemed almost impossible since the wool of most of the sheep breeds native to Europe are perceived as rather scratchy.

The search has taken years, but they finally found what they were looking for in Southern France.  For centuries shepherds have been guiding their flocks there every summer over hundreds of kilometers to the lush meadows of the Alps. This old tradition, called transhumance, was adopted in 1806 for the Merino d’Arles sheep and continues today. They are a cross of the old indigenous breeds with Merino sheep, which Louis XVI first imported from Spain. Merino d' Arles have one of the softest wools in Europe with a fineness of less than 22 microns.


La Crau and Verdon: Two New Patterns by Melanie Berg

The designer Melanie Berg (mairlynd) created two beautiful patterns for our new yarn Merino d' Arles which was developed together with her. Both are inspired by the diverse landscapes of Southern France, home to the Merino d' Arles sheep.

La Crau, whose name refers to the stony plains that protect the sheep in winter, is a gorgeous, easy to knit triangular shawl. The fascinating colour pattern is reminiscent of the different seasons summer and winter due to the interplay of warm and cool tones.  This shawl uses three colors and 2 skeins in each color for a total of six skeins.  The sample is shown in Mistral, Camargue and Ocre. Click here to see our yarn only kit options for La Crau

The generously cut cuddly shawl Verdon is knitted with short rows and has a rectangular cut. The designer named it after the Gorge du Verdon, through which the sheep pass on their journey. The colours are evocative of the steep slopes and the enchanting play of light, water, and stone in the gorge.  This wrap uses eight skeins of Merino d'Arles - two skeins each in four colors.  This sample uses Mistral, Montagne, Houlette and Riviere.

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