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​Toft Alpacas is the prize-winning alpaca herd and stud established in 1997 which is based in the hamlet of Toft near the village of Dunchurch, in North East Warwickshire. The Toft Alpaca herd now comprises of around two hundred alpacas, and is an active pedigree alpaca stud.

Toft Alpacas offers quality fleece growers as pet alpacas for those with smallholdings looking to to enhance their paddocks with these charming grass-eaters.

Toft Alpacas has been veryactive in the British alpaca industry over the last ten years, importing and exporting alpacas in its commitment to breeding improved quality fleeces. Although the textile brand ‘Toft’ takes its name from the original herd, we now purchase fleeces from breeders across the UK. If anyone would like to get in touch with regards to animal purchase or training then contact Shirley Bettinson on 01788 810626.


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