Åsa Tricosa


​Åsa Söderman, known to the knitting world as Åsa Tricosa, is a pattern designer who delights in solving tricky knitting problems. Her designs feature her own innovative techniques and a pure pared-back style, centered around warm functionality, clean lines, flawless craftsmanship and an understated Scandinavian elegance.

She finds her inspiration in the creative generosity and flair of the knitting community, and in turn enthuses others to ‘knit with abandon’. Her ardent desire is to share her signature Ziggurat method for truly seamless sweaters and cardigans. She teaches it with missionary zeal all over Europe and North America.

Born and raised in Sweden, Åsa has lived in New York, Boston, Sussex, Singapore and Scotland. She has now knit her way to Germany, where she lives with her Danish husband.

(‘Åsa’ rhymes with Tricosa – in most languages. Söderman rhymes with not much at all.)


Spun Right Round

New York

​Renee from Spun Right Round dyes her beautiful speckled, semi-solid and variegated yarns from her studio located in Rochester, New York. Her yarns are dyed in small batches. Due to the nature of the process, each skein is unique and each batch will vary in saturation and speckles. This uniqueness is what makes hand dyed yarn so wonderful! Renee approaches the dye pot as an artist and though she follow recipes, the results can sometimes be a surprise. 

The yarns are ethically sourced from South America and  are mulesing-free.



​We offer our individual and unique takes on traditional yarn dyeing, refusing to be a cog in the cookie-cutter yarn industry. We specialize in luxury yarns with an emphasis on finding the best yarns as well as developing custom yarns with our global-wide mill partners to bring you products no-one else has. 


Knox Mountain Knit Co


​Knox Mountain Knit Co. is Sasha and Willow, a design team from Kelowna, BC. Their fresh designs reflect their passion for knitting and are inspired by the gorgeous landscapes of the Okanagan Valley.


Laine Magazine


Isabell Kraemer

Germany Designer

​Isabell Kraemer is a well-known German designer who creates everyday garments for modern knitters.  Her most popular designs include the Ravello and Il Grande Favorito sweaters and her collection of shawls and cowls designed for special week-end meetups around Europe with friends.  Her designs have clean, modern lines and usually a stripe or two!


Life In the Long Grass

Ireland Dyer

​Life in the Long Grass is an Irish artisan hand-dyed yarn and art studio in the countryside in Ireland.

Previously working as a graphic designer (Caroline) and architect (Jonny) in London and Spain they moved back to the Irish countryside and made a natural transition, taking their love of color, art and design and applying it to their love of yarn.

Life in the Long Grass - the name represents the natural life of the wool that they dye; wonderful sheep braving the elements and a way of life where taking the time to make something and enjoying the process is as important as the wool itself. Caroline and Jonny are crazy about texture and rustic living and are inspired by their surroundings in the countryside


Heidi and Lana

Ohio Dyer


Mason Dixon Knitting


How It All Began

In 2003, Kay and Ann started a blog, Mason-Dixon Knitting. As daily, obsessed knitters, they “met” on the Internet and thought it would be fun to share their profound and awesome knitting thoughts with the entire world. Before long, they found themselves amid a warm, friendly, and smart community of knitters. It was all virtual—they didn’t meet in person until 2004, after they had signed a contract for their first knitting book, Mason-Dixon Knitting: The Curious Knitters’ Guide.

Recently, they decided to turn Mason-Dixon Knitting into the site they have always craved: a delicious daily read for every knitter.
Their dream is to create an ever-evolving world online and in real life where knitting is celebrated, explored, and taught. With a lot of laughs along the way.


Andrea Mowry

Michigan Designer

​ Andrea Mowry has been designing unique  and fabulous-to-wear knits since 2014. She believes in enjoying every stitch  and wearing at least one hand knit everyday - obviously. She focuses on designing accessories and garments to fit the modern wardrobe. Fun to knit and stylish to wear with clear directions for every level of knitter. She has a great love for learning new techniques and skills and tries to share that with knitters through her patterns. She believes one of the fabulous aspects of knitting is the multitude of ways you can end up with the same result.




​Cestari Sheep and Wool Company is a small family-owned and operated American manufacturer of knitting and crocheting yarn.  We have a farm in Augusta County, Virginia where we raise sheep for wool that we use in our yarn.  We also source wool from reputable ranchers throughout the United States.  All of our sheep and wool products are always grown and processed in the United States.  Our cotton products are grown and processed exclusively in Virginia.  


Jana Huck

Germany Designer

​Knitting for me is all about experimenting, trying new things, rediscovering old stuff and mixing everything together to create something completely new and unique. You never run out of ideas or possiblities once you have started thinking about yarn and needles like that.

I also like a challenge when I knit. I enjoy immensely to have an idea and to think: Yes, this would be nice but it´s impossible to do. - Then I find a way to do it.

It is just amazing to me that I can write down my ideas at home, upload them here on Ravelry and so instantly share them with other knitters all around the world.


MooRoo Yarn


Owned and operated by Kelly Reid-Waldock, MooRoo Yarn is hand-dyed just around the corner from Yarn Culture near Rochester, NY.​ Kelly blends everything she loves as a knitter into her yarns.  Focusing on merino/silk blends, she uses the beautiful hand and sheen of the base to showcase her whimsical and wearable colorways.



​mYak was born of more than twenty years living and working with the nomadic herders of the Tibetan Plateau. Together we’re building more than a business. We’re building a future for one of the world’s most ancient ways of life.  We believe in responsibility, traceability and sustainability. We source our wool directly from nomadic Tibetan herders, contributing to the well-being of the local community. Our fiber is hand-combed from the undercoat of baby yaks and cashmere goats with no harm to the animal.

We believe sustainability means respect for diverse cultures and ways of life, adding value to local resources and traditions while protecting their origins, and crafting products meant to last not for a season, but for generations. Our activities are equally imbued with care for people, animals and the environment as well as for the social and ethical values that characterize our entire chain.



Pennsylvania USA Manufacturer

​Aalta Yarn was created during Christine Welsh Forester’s MBA program at Philadelphia University.

The name Aalta has a special meaning: Alta means “high” or “top” in Italian representing our commitment to only the best yarns, and Christine studied abroad in Helsinki Finland at Aalto University.

So the name Aalta Yarn was created, made even more meaningful by the fact that her Mother’s maiden name initials are AY.


Hunter Hammersen

Ohio Designer

​I have somehow found myself in the marvelous position of getting to write and publish knitting books for a living. I’m not quite sure how I got to be so lucky, but I’m having great fun!

My books include CurlsThe Knitter’s Curiosity Cabinet series (Volume IVolume II, and Volume III), Ne’er-Do-Well KnitsRabble Rousers, and Silk Road Socks. I’ve also got lots of individua lpatterns to tickle your fancy!


Crave Yarn

New Mexico Dyer

Crave Yarn is the creation of owner/dyer Amor Valdez and is located in Sante Fe, New Mexico.  Amor learned to crochet at her Grandmother’s knee at the tender age of 8 and carried her love of the craft through her career as an ethnographer.  More often than not, she found herself knitting and crocheting personalized gifts for the friends that had emerged through the course of her research.  It was a natural progression for Amor to make the the gift even more special by dying the yarn in her recipient’s favorite colors.  From there CRAVE yarn was born.  Amor says that her second career mimics her first in that it lets her ” indulge my love of people and reverence for the beauty present in human relationships and everyday ingenuity”. 



Germany Dyer

​Based in Aschaffenburg, Germany - near Frankfurt - WalkCollection reflects Cathrin Walk’s passion for textiles and love for creating things by hand.  She dyes her yarns in small batches where every step of the process is done carefully by hand.  



Finland Designer

​Janina Kallio of Woolenberry is a designer from Helsinki, Finland where she designs patterns for knitters who love simple knitting with gorgeous results.  Her contemporary designs combine Scandinavian minimalism and simplicity with coziness. They are so fun & addictive you can’t wait to knit them again… and again… and again… and again.


Kristin Ford

Oregon Designer

Architect. Mom. Farmer. Designer. Founder of Woolfolk.  She really does do everything!


Olga Buraya-Kefelian

Virginia Designer

​I have been knitting since tender age of 4 and started to crochet a little later. From 2003 I have been obsessed and finally have made my designs available to a growing audience of knitters beginning in 2006.

Getting lots of my inspiration from the fashion runways, art and architecture. I prefer geometrical shapes and the way they can work for on a body. As fibers in the market are getting more and more sophisticated it leaves an endless field to roam for a designer’s mind. I indulge in the visual drive they provide to inspire me to create more wearable, fitted, trendy, hip, flattering and yet classy knitwear.


Bristol Ivy

Maine Designer

​I grew up hating fiber. To put it mildly, things have changed. smile Now I’m a knitwear designer, work behind the scenes at Brooklyn Tweed, teach knitting, photograph knitwear, and keep myself all-around extremely busy. I still dream of eventually marrying a sheep farmer and happily living the rest of my life knee-deep in wool.


Antonia Shankland

Pennsylvania Designer


Melanie Berg

Germany Designer

​I’m Melanie and in my real life I’m a former IT specialist, mother of three and a semi-successful housewife. In my secret second life I design knitwear.

I live with my husband and three children in Bonn, Germany, where I spend my time combining colors, shapes and textures into freewheeling designs that are uniquely my own. I’ve been published by yarn companies and knitting magazines large and small, and I’ve also self-published my own patterns and e-books. I love collaborating with creative types from all over the world.


Shellie Anderson

Oregon Designer

Knitwear designer Shellie Anderson is living the dream as the in-house knitwear designer and Product Development Mgr for Shibui Knits in beautiful Portland OR


Joji Locatelli

Argentina Designer

Joji Locatelli is an Argentine knitwear designer living and loving Buenos Aires.  


Blackbird Knits

New York Designer

​Fine art and fine craft find their intersection in the studio of print artist, avid knitter and art therapist Kate Fisher.


The Periwinkle Sheep


​Karin Maag-Tanchak has been knitting since the second grade and owned a local yarn shop before becoming a yarn dyer. 

All her yarns are lovingly hand dyed in small batches in her studio in Albany, NY.


Yarn Culture

New York

Partnering with new and emerging designers, Yarn Culture develops patterns to showcase our selection of unique and hard-to-find artisan yarns. 


The Fibre Company

USA Manufacturer

​The Fibre Company was founded in 2004 by Iain Stanley and Daphne Marinopoulos as a spinning mill and processing center.

Focusing on interesting blends of natural fibers, the unique yarns are all carefully developed to achieve the perfect combination of softness and structure. The beautiful, saturated and sophisticated colors in the lines are all kettle dyed to create a subtle variation in tone and color.  In 2008, the Fibre Company partnered with Philadelphia-based Kelbourne Woolens and the two companies now work together to create and distribute the Fibre Company’s beautiful yarns + the Kelbourne Woolens line of hand knitting and crochet patterns.




​Woolfolk yarns combine the highest quality wool with ethical, sustainable practices. The fiber we use, Ultimate Merino®, doesn’t happen by chance, but by the innovative efforts of farmers to produce the very best wool fiber while being land stewards of the Patagonian Grasslands. 

Woolfolk brings this exquisitely soft and lustrous fiber in hand knitting yarns that preserves the unique attributes of this luxurious wool.  Boasting an average micron count of 17.5, the fibers from the selectively bred herd are absolutely on par with cashmere but add the durability bonus of Merino.  The yarn is sourced from flocks in Patagonia that are part of the Ovis 21 biodiversity and grasslands regeneration project in partnership with Patagonian ranchers, the Nature Conservancy, the retailer Patagonia Inc.


The Uncommon Thread

England Dyer

​Started in 2010, The Uncommon Thread is an artisan company where all yarns are dyed lovingly by hand in Brighton, England. They produce beautiful, luxurious knitting yarns, lovingly hand dyed in small batches. Ce Persiano, the company’s founder and artist behind the brand, loves collaborating with pattern designers and has teamed up with Veera Välimäki, Joji Locateli and Beth Kling to bring great patterns using The Uncommon Thread yarns.


Rosy Green Wool

Germany Manufacturer

​Rosy Green Wool produces finest organic yarn from Merino wool for knitting and crocheting.


Jūl Design


Located in Savage, Maryland, JUL Design is owned and operated by founder Laura Bellows.  Laura was trained as an anthropologist at the University of Virginia, earning her PhD in cultural anthropology in 2003 based on two years of field research in Bali, Indonesia. It is this intimate adventure in Bali that allowed her to develop the relationships with the people and theculture that have led to her founding of JUL. 

JUL Original Designs are created in two ways. Some are worked through in an experimental way by playing with different kinds of wax, or manipulating silver to create interesting textures, shapes, and images that can be hand cast in precious or non-precious metals in the US.  Often in these richly textured designs we strive to create objects that have the quality of unearthed artifacts, old things recovered from an archeological dig

In other JUL designs we seek to achieve a high level of rich elegance. These pieces go through an exacting process of refinement until the location of every motif, and measurement, is specified down to the fraction of a millimeter. These designs are then realized by hand directly in material—wax, wood, precious and non-precious metal, semi-precious stones, leather, and resin—by skilled craftspeople in Bali



​While studying German in Salzburg, Austria, Julie Weisenberger learned to knit at a shop close to the Abbey where scenes from “The Sound of Music” were filmed. She always suspected the women in the knitting shop moonlighted as extras in the movie; they resembled each other in so many ways. She enjoys saying she was taught by knitting nuns… even if they weren’t, really.

By the time Julie returned to the United States, she was obsessed with knitting and design and soon found herself managing a small cottage industry. She had knitters in Ireland using English yarn and her original creations were being sold at Nordstrom, Henri Bendel, Mark Shale, and a number of small boutiques across the country. Her main focus, however, was on teaching knitting and designing for knitters via knitting magazines and yarn company publications.

After an 8-year hiatus to care for her children she began teaching classes at Article Pract, a yarn shop in Oakland, California.  She couldn’t teach and not design, so by 2006 she was designing again and in 2007 launched cocoknits.com to sell her patterns.  

Her aim is to reach creative knitters who want a finished product that says something unique about their personality. Each pattern is meant not as a rigid template but as a guide, a jumping-off point from which you can determine your own style through choice of texture, color, shape, and embellishments. 




​Olga Buraya-Kefelian has been knitting for many years. Her mother taught her to knit at a very young age and Olga started designing in her late teens. Although a linguist by education, in 2006 she made her first attempt to design for a publication.  Her contributing designs have instantly graced the book covers of “Sensual Knits” and “Pure Knits”. Coming from a family of a professional tailor, Olga acquired her clothing construction knowledge early, which has become more intuitive through the years. This intuition helps her to create imaginative yet versatile knitwear. While working on her own style and designs, she has designed for multiple magazines such as Knitty, Twist Collective, Interweave Knits and Crochet. Olga has designed patterns for Blue Sky Alpacas, Spud and Chloe and ShibuiKnits. 

Olga recently returned from 3 years in Japan where she was working on a self-published line of knitwear patterns.  She enjoys the challenge of joining minds with other creative souls to craft one cohesive body of work. In 2010 she co-authored, self-published and modeled for “Ori Ami Knits: Fiber Geometry” - a book of 13 garments featuring designs for womenswear and accessories, all knit with yarn from Habu Textiles and presented in a wide range of sizes. She believes that each garment has its own story and purpose within the world of fashion. She fulfills her vision by gathering inspiration from industrial and architectural designs and combining them with her own interpretations of European and Japanese designs. While she uses knitwear design as her canvas, her designs are heavily influenced by the fiber – the very essence of the material. 
She enjoys the visual details they provide to inspire creations of more wearable, fitted, trendy, hip, flattering and yet classy knitwear. 



New Jersey Designer

​VERSACIKNITS is a knitwear design company featuring designs by Lori Versaci. Based in Princeton, NJ, Lori began designing in earnest about three years ago.  She creates her designs from the point where ‘tradition meets style’ creating designs based on classics with something unexpected.  This might be a mix of pattern stitches that creates an unusual texture or a surprising detail like an asymmetric line or aran with lace.  She has just launched her first commisioned workFormfor Shibui’s Winter 2013-2014 Collection.



Habu Textiles

Japan Manufacturer

​Habu Textiles was founded in 1999 by weaver Takako Ueki.  Her love of textiles from Okinawa is reflected in her choice of more than 450 eclectic yarns, threads and fibre from Japan. With materials ranging from wool and silk to plant fibers, stainless steel and copper her goal is to provide “ ‘slow’ materials, not flashy, not necessary pretty, not cheap, not easy, but those that will give a soul to the fabrics.”

We have selected an opening assortment from Habu that we know will encourage creativity and originality as you seek to give a soul to your fabrics.



Netherlands Designer

Stephen West is originally from Tulsa, Oklahoma. After moving to the Chicago area, he caught the knitting bug and started designing patterns while epic amounts of wool infiltrated into his life. There was no looking back. He now lives in Amsterdam and travels frequently teaching knitting workshops throughout the United States and Europe. He creates his own series of popular self-published pattern collections and also designs for Malabrigo Yarns and knitty.com. Westknits books and individual patterns are available wholesale within the U.S. and Canada through Deep South Fibers and in Europe through westknits.eu



Oregon Manufacturer

Shibui yarns combine high-quality luxury fibers in a variety of ways to create luxurious and affordable yarns for all types of projects and knitters. Most yarns are hand-dyed, in a wide range of semi-solid or variegated colors.  Designed to work together, Shibui encourages knitters to combine their yarns to create unique fabrics and colorways. 


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