Åsa Tricosa


​Åsa Söderman, known to the knitting world as Åsa Tricosa, is a pattern designer who delights in solving tricky knitting problems. Her designs feature her own innovative techniques and a pure pared-back style, centered around warm functionality, clean lines, flawless craftsmanship and an understated Scandinavian elegance.

She finds her inspiration in the creative generosity and flair of the knitting community, and in turn enthuses others to ‘knit with abandon’. Her ardent desire is to share her signature Ziggurat method for truly seamless sweaters and cardigans. She teaches it with missionary zeal all over Europe and North America.

Born and raised in Sweden, Åsa has lived in New York, Boston, Sussex, Singapore and Scotland. She has now knit her way to Germany, where she lives with her Danish husband.

(‘Åsa’ rhymes with Tricosa – in most languages. Söderman rhymes with not much at all.)


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